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Carrie Yamaoka
Lives and works in New York City
Solo Exhibitions
rub / dissolve / strip, Studio 1.1, London, UK
Recent Work, Galerie Une, Auvernier, Switzerland
Works 2004-09, aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Galerie Lange & Pult, Zurich, Switzerland
i will have been there after you have already arrived, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Portholes, Potholes and Portals, Galerie Une, Auvernier, Switzerland
world hotel, Debs & Co., NYC
Studio 1.1, London, UK
Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
blue x clear + 12:1, Debs & Co., NYC
Robeson Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
(t)here, Debs & Co., NYC
Debs & Co., NYC
Sorkin Gallery, NYC
Banned, Swarthmore College, PA
Bette Stoler Gallery, NYC
Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 Deep Inside, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Driven to Abstraction, Von Lintel Gallery, NYC
Monochrome (part two), Galerie Lange & Pult, Zurich, Switzerland
The Alchemy of Delusion, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Reflective Reflexion: Corban Walker & Carrie Yamaoka, organized by Joy Garnett, Curatorial Research Lab at Winkleman Gallery, NYC
Movement Schmoovement, organized by Nancy Brooks Brody and Linda Matalon, La Mama La Galleria, NYC
Composite Visions, CAN Neuchatel, Switzerland
Mostly Monochrome, McKenzie Fine Art, NYC
With Your Eyes Only, curated by CCNOA and Tilman, Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Austria
Topographies, The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Psychedelia Paradise, Exprmntl Gallery, Toulouse, France
Out of the Blue, curated by Joy Episalla, Joy Garnett, Amy Lipton, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ
Yo, Mo' Modernism... part 2, curated by Tilman, CCNOA, Brussels, Belgium
Transcendent and Sublime, curated by Deborah Frizzell, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
Summer Show, Galerie Une, Auvenier, Switzerland
Side x Side, curated by Dean Daderko, La MaMa La Galleria, NYC
Diffracted Solstice, aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Break The Rules! the Hieber/Theising Collection, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany
Who Are You?, Galerie Lange & Pult, Zurich, Switzerland
The Show's So Nice, Monya Rowe Gallery, NYC
project:rendition, a collaborative project by JC2: Joy Episalla, Joy Garnett, Carrie Moyer and Carrie Yamaoka
Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
Water, Water Everywhere, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, VA
Here We Go, Galerie Une, Auvernier, Switzerland
No Lemons, No Melon , curated by Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe, David Krut Projects, NYC
When Artists Say We, Artists Space, NYC
Out of the Blue, curated by Joy Episalla and Joy Garnett, organized by Amy Lipton, Abington Art Center, PA
Blessed are the Merciful, curated by Jerome Jacobs, Feigen Contemporary, NYC
Sleigh, curated by Studio 1.1, Arts and Business, London, UK
The Obligation to Endure; Art and Ecology Since 'Silent Spring,' curated by Nick Debs, New York Academy of Sciences, NYC
Petits Formats/ Small Formats, Galerie Quang, Paris, France
Shining Stars under Shining Sun, Galerie Une, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Water, Water Everywhere, curated by Marilu Knode, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ
Extreme Abstraction, curated by Claire Schneider & Louis Grachos , Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Vanishing Point, curated by Claudine Ise, The Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH
Surfaces Paradise, curated by Rafael von Uslar, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, Holland
Live forever, or die trying (manic abstract painting now), Torch Gallery, Amsterdam
Pulse of America, aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Without Fear or Reproach, curated by Jerome Jacobs, Witte Zaal, Ghent, Belgium
The Alumni Show, curated by Nina Felshin, Wesleyan University, CT
Mirror Mirror, curated by Jane Simon, MassMOCA, North Adams, MA
Painting as Paradox, curated by Lauri Firstenberg, Artists Space, NYC
Portrait Obscured, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, CA
Psychedelia, aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Sheroes, Clairefontaine Gallery, Luxembourg
Ignoring Boundaries: Image in the Landscape, The Fields Sculpture Park, Ghent, NY
Snapshot, The Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD
Other Worlds, curated by Erika Belle, 28 Wooster Street, NYC
Distilled Life, curated by Medrie MacPhee, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Stars of Track and Field, Debs & Co., NYC
Acrylic/Plastic, Trans Hudson Gallery, NYC
Unbehagen der Geschlechter/Gender Trouble, curated by Lutz Heiber and Gisela Theising, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany
Bob and Wheel, dfn Gallery, NYC
Skin Deep, curated by Stefanie Nagorka, 123 Watts Gallery, NYC
The Erotics of Denial, curated by Bill Arning, E.S. Vandam, NYC
Material Girls: Gender, Process and Abstract Art Since 1970, curated by Harmony Hammond, Gallery 128, NYC
Very Large Array, Debs & Co., NYC
Silence = Death, curated by Lutz Heiber and Gisela Theising, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück, Germany
Geopony, Adam Gallery, London
Graphic Responses to AIDS, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Interference, London Artforms, London
Other Rooms, Four Walls at Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC
New Jersey Arts Annual, Newark Museum, NJ
Contacts/Proofs, Jersey City Museum, NJ
Outrageous Desire, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Situation, curated by Nayland Blake and Pam Gregg, New Langton Arts, San Francisco
Hot Off the Press, Zimmerli Museum, New Brunswick, NJ
Marginal Majority, Aaron Davis Hall, CUNY, NYC
Printmaking Fellowships Exhibition, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Use: Anatoly Pronin, William Rodwell, Carrie Yamaoka, Jersey City Museum, NJ
Word as Image, Proctor Art Center, Bard College, NY
Queer, Wessel O'Connor Gallery, NYC
A Force of Repetition, curated by Alison Weld, New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, Body. Once Removed, Sorkin Gallery, NYC
Surfaces, Henry Feiwel, NYC
Indicators: The Word as Image, Coup de Grace Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
Wedding Pictures, Four Walls at White Columns, NYC
Hudson County Artists, Jersey City Museum, NJ
Four Painters, Coup de Grace Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
Double Vision, curated by Fred Wilson, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY & Longwood Arts Project, Bronx, NY
Yesterday, Asian American Arts Centre, NYC
The Last Supper, Ludlow Graphic Arts, NYC
Ten Chinatown, Asian American Arts Centre, NYC
Christopher Engel, Joy Episalla, Carrie Yamaoka, Four Walls, Hoboken, NJ
Seven Painters, Ramapo College, NJ
Rutgers National Drawing Show, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ
Group Exhibition, Bette Stoler Gallery, NYC
Wesleyan University, BA in Studio Art
Tyler School of Art, Rome, Italy
Grants & Fellowships
One-year studio residency at Painting Space 122, NYC
Fenenin El-Rahhal/Nomadic Artists, Working Artists' Summit, Egypt
Residency at Braziers International Artists Workshop, Oxfordshire,UK
Residency at Braziers International Artists Workshop, Oxfordshire, UK
Printmaking Fellowship, Rutgers Center for Innovative Printmaking, Rutgers University, NJ
ArtMatters Inc., NYC
Two-month residency at Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY
Reviews & Publications
Séverine Cattin, 'Des œuvres-miroirs qui ne cessent d'évoluer', L'Express/Magazine: Beaux arts, February 15
Alexandre Caldara, 'Cette semaine Carrie Yamaoka est l'autre',, February 13
JC2, 'project: rendition', Public Culture, Volume 22, Number 1, Winter 2010, pp 119-126
2009 Elisabeth Lebovici, ' Carrie Yamaoka å Bruxelles', Le Beau Vice,, December 19
Claude Lorent, 'Un minimalisme brilliant et coloré', Le Libre Belgique, November 27, page 6
2008 SIDE x SIDE, exhibition broadside, with essay by Dean Daderko, published by Visual AIDS, illus.
Break The Rules! Sammlungen Hieber/Theising, exhibition catalogue, Mannheimer Kunstverein, illus.
i will have been there after you have already arrived, exhibition catalogue with an essay by Faye Hirsch, 'The Interiority of Surfaces', published by Aeroplastics Contemporary, Galerie Une and Torch Gallery, illus.
Johnson, Ken; 'Blessed Are the Merciful', The New York Times, April 14, p.32
Hirsch, Faye; 'Abstract Generations', Art in America, October, p.191
Johnson, Ken: 'Everywhere's the Same: Nowhere in Particular', The New York Times, June 3, p. 34
Foster, Hal: 'Six Notes on Vanishing', Vanishing Point, (exhibition catalogue), publ. by Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, p. 27
Isé, Claudine: Vanishing Point, (exhibition catalogue), publ. by Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, pg. 48-49, illus.
Smith, Roberta; 'Carrie Yamaoka , World Hotel', The New York Times; June 25, p. E33
Levin, Kim; 'Pick: Carrie Yamaoka', Voice Choices, Village Voice; June 2-8
Boyce, Roger ; 'Neither Here Nor There: Mirror Mirror at Mass MoCA', ART New England, Feb/March 2003
The New Yorker, 'Carrie Yamaoka', Art/Galleries-Chelsea, June 17 & 24, p.30
Johnson, Ken; 'Carrie Yamaoka', The New York Times; May 24, p. B37
Mahoney, Robert; 'Carrie Yamaoka', Time Out/New York, issue 347, May 23-30, p.75, illus.
Baum, Rachel; Painting as Paradox; exhibition catalog, publ. by Artists Space, p.2, p.12, illus.
Leffingwell Edward ; 'Carrie Yamaoka at Debs & Co.', Art in America, July 2000, p.111, illus
(t)here; exhibition catalogue with an essay by Bill Arning, 'At the Threshold of the Picture', publ. by Debs & Co, NYC, Anton, Saul;, illus.
Hammond, Harmony; Lesbian Art in America: A Contemporary History; Rizzoli International Publications, illus.
The World, 'Carrie Yamaoka', issue #55; published by The Poetry Project, NYC, pp. 47-55, cover, illus.
Skin Deep; exhibition catalogue publ. by 123 Watts Gallery, NYC, illus.
Arning, Bill; 'Editor's Choice: Carrie Yamaoka', Bomb, Spring 1998, issue no. 63, illus.
Arning, Bill; 'Carrie Yamaoka', Time Out/New York, January 15-22, Issue no.121, illus.
Grimm, Jay; "Three Shows in Chelsea", Critical Review,
Carrie Yamaoka, published by Debs & Co., NYC, illus.
Gray, Nicola; 'Interference', Third Text, Number 34, Spring, London
Women's Art Magazine, 'Interference', January-February, London
Smyth, Cherry; 'Interference', Time Out/ London, November 15-22
Westfall, Stephen; Art in America, September, illus.
Cyphers, Peggy; Arts, April, illus. Cover; March, NYC
Public Collections
The Victoria & Albert Museum, London
The Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
Additional informations
Member of fierce pussy public art collective, 1991-95
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